Guide for First-Time Visitors to the Finest Beach in Greece

Greece is one of those European nations that compel you to fall in love. In Greece, you can find almost anything, Greece Beach Resorts from the incredible historical sites in Athens to the enchanting ocean views on islands such as Paros and Santorini.

This country offers some of the finest accommodation options in Europe, in addition to its breathtaking tourist attractions. This includes opulent beach resorts with all-inclusive packages and direct beach access, such as the magnificent Agios Ioannis Beach.

Before making a reservation at a beach resort, it is essential to know exactly what you want. Once you have determined the type of lodging you desire, finding the ideal location becomes much simpler.

In this guide, I have compiled a list of the finest coastal resorts in Greece. This includes the magnificent Four Seasons Astir Palace, which is located on the Athens Riviera. After perusing this accommodation guide, you should have the confidence to select the ideal beach resort.

Beach in Greece Resorts

Ikos Dassia is Greece’s premier all-inclusive beach resort.

I would go so far as to state that Ikos Dassia on Corfu is the finest all-inclusive resort in Greece. This luxurious oceanfront hotel provides every amenity imaginable, from gourmet cuisine prepared by Michelin-starred chefs to evenings filled with lively live entertainment.

In addition to the incredible inclusive amenities outlined above, this 25-acre resort features capacious rooms with panoramic sea views and seven distinct swimming pools. 

This includes an incredibly spacious indoor pool that is ideal for escaping the heat for a while.

Spa at the Costa Grand ResortIf discussing the finest resorts in Greece, the Costa Grand Resort & Spa would undoubtedly be included.

Among the most remarkable aspects of this location is the abundance of high-quality amenities available for public use. You can use their fitness center to remain in shape, their leisure and wellness center for ultimate relaxation, and their restaurant to sample delectable Greek specialties.

A further advantage of lodging at this Santorini resort is its proximity to the shore. The beautiful ebony sands of Kamari Beach are only a brief distance away.

Anax Hotel And Spa

If you are a huge lover of spa-style hotels, the Anax Resort & Spa in Mykonos offers excellent wellness treatments of the highest caliber. This 5-star resort is home to its very own Anasa retreat, which provides a variety of relaxing treatments. In addition to this, there is a fitness center with weights, a treadmill, and a variety of other facilities to help you stay in shape.

Artemis Beach hotels

On the picturesque island of Milos. Artemis Seaside Resort has some of the most eye-catching design sensibilities available, but there is much more to this hotel than meets the eye.

This is a seaside resort hotel, so it was constructed directly on the beach. As a result, you can anticipate, at the very least, magnificent views of the ocean. The resort’s accommodations are more than deserving of mention when discussing it. There is a vast selection of suites and accommodations, all of which feature classic Cycladic architecture and a magnificent view of the sea.

Four Seasons Astir Palace is the best beach resort in the vicinity of Athens. Near Athens, the Four Seasons Astir Palace is one of those hotels that advocates for itself. This enormous luxury hotel offers accommodations suitable for a monarch, including large suites with outdoor pools and expansive rooms with private terraces.

The most surprising aspect of the Four Seasons Astir Palace is its recreational amenities. This includes the three tennis facilities that are reserved solely for hotel members. As a tennis enthusiast, it can be much more pleasurable to play tennis as a fun form of exercise while on vacation, as opposed to using standard hotel facilities. If tennis is not your preferred sport, there are basketball courts and volleyball courts for you to engage with your companions.

This includes the hotel’s capacious accommodations, which radiate both luxury and individuality, Greece Beach Resorts. The Four Seasons Astir Palace has one of the largest selections of villas and accommodations among Greek hotels.

Adults-Only Mayia Exclusive Resort & Spa

Mayia Executive Resort & Spa is an additional all-inclusive option not to be overlooked in Greece. This adult-only resort in Rhodes is not only inexpensive in comparison to other luxury resorts, but it is also a short distance from the magnificent archaeological site of Lindos Acropolis.

Within this upscale resort and retreat, you will find a wide variety of accommodation options. This ranges from their Deluxe Room with a view of the ocean to their Mayia Suite with a private pool.

In addition, booking the Mayia Suite includes complimentary premium beverages and munchies for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy in your private garden.

Luxury Resort & Villas at Daios Cove – Best Private Pool

It is nearly impossible to exclude Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas from a list of the finest hotels in Greece. This 5-star luxury resort on the island of Crete offers an astounding variety of accommodations and villas, the largest of which is a mansion. If you thought their three-bedroom villa was remarkable, this mansion has more amenities than you will ever need. Does the idea of having a hot Jacuzzi and a private infinity pool appeal to you? The option Mansion has it.


Even though Calilo is considerably smaller than other beach resorts, there is no denying this location’s brilliance. This exceedingly unique hotel is located directly on the shore of Papas on the Greek island of Ios.

Ios is known for its nightlife and revelry, but if this isn’t your type of vacation, you can rest assured that the resort is located on the peaceful side of the island. If you plan to remain here, you can anticipate some truly remarkable amenities and services.

The Blue Palace in Elounda

In terms of luxury lodgings, the Blue Palace Elounda in Crete is not only an architectural masterpiece but also comfortable and affordable. This luxury collection resort is one of the finest places to remain on the famous island of Crete, which is a statement in and of itself given the abundance of quality hotels on the island.

Here, you can swim in the breathtaking infinity pool. This leads to breathtaking views of Spinalonga Fort and the incredibly picturesque adjacent landscapes. If you prefer your own space, you are welcome to secure a junior suite with a private pool area. Whatever you desire to do, you can do it at this magnificent Crete hotel.

The Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort is the finest beach resort in Mykonos. The Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort is a wonderful location for you and your family to stay if you are looking for a dependable and distinctive beach resort in Mykonos.


There is more than enough to do here, from wine-tasting events to basking on the hotel’s private sand shore, Greece Beach Resorts. You can explore all the beaches in Greece and give yourself a relaxing break.


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